Friday, November 28, 2014
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RVR Mobile Vet Services - Compassionate Veterinary Services For Dogs and Cats

What to expect during your first home visit from RVR Mobile Vet Services:

1. We will come approximately 5 to 10 minutes ahead of time to fill out introductory paperwork. This procedure assists us in preparing your client file and allowing us to have some background on your pet that we will be attending. In an effort to expedite the registration process an online registration form (the E-registration form) is provided for you.

  • On the E-registration form you will be asked to provide us with your 3 best appointment dates and times.
  • You will then be asked to call and confirm your appointment via phone on the next business day.
  • To best accommodate you and your pet, please request appointment times at least 2 business days in advance to ensure that we will be able to confirm a time that best meets your needs. Times do fill fast.


Depending on your method of payment, you may be asked for your driver’s license and expiration date and possibly other forms of identification at the time of checkout during your visit.

2. At the time of Check-in, the RVR Staff will weigh your pet and take his or her vital signs (Temperature by rectal probe, Pulse by listening to the heart and Respiration by listening to the chest or by observation of the chest wall movement). It is best to come prepared. Bring in any and all information or samples that will assist us with your pet:

  • Vaccine records
  • Any available patient records from other facilities
  • Fecal sample, if a fresh one is available, so that we may assess your pet for any communicable diseases, or any other samples that would provide insight into your pet’s current health status.


If your pet is fearful or otherwise uncomfortable with strangers for your safety and the safety of the staff, please let us know so that we can manage your pet as considerately as possible.

3. Be prepared to tell us about current foods being fed, current flea control being used and the type of lifestyle that your pet may have (i.e. inside/outside pet, does your pet go camping or to the beach with you, is your pet groomed on a regular basis, is your pet boarded on a regular basis, does your pet regularly go for runs, walks or to the park, PetsMart or PetCo, etc.), and of course what is the primary concern for the visit and what signs you may have noted: how long has your pet shown these signs, how frequently, how progressively, etc.


Fill Out The Pre-Registration Form


Compassionate Veterinary Services Available:

Now Offering Mobile Services

House Calls By Appointment Only

Hours of Operation:

Mon-Fri: 9am - 12pm then 1:30pm - 5pm
Sat: 8am - 1pm
Closed on Sunday

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